Cheers to the stage name

Although Dee Dee, Jules, Bambi and Sandy might encounter some snickers when people first hear the band name and their stage names, the snickers will end quickly once the music starts. Their influences (The Ramones, The Ronettes, Jesus & Mary Chain) are very apparent on the new album, Only in Dreams, but the songs have such a genuine tone that it is easy to see beyond. “I’m Coming Down,” is a hypnotic swaying rock ballad that I could put on repeat and just sink into it. The Mazzy Star influence is glaringly obvious here but this is definitely a case of the student surpassing the teacher. “Bedroom eyes” is the new single and although it is catchy, “Always Looking” won the prize for my favorite track on the album. The driving beat coupled with classic punk vocals/harmonies get me out of my seat every time.


One can only hope that more bands will bring back some of wonderfully ridiculous trappings of rock like the stage name and maybe we can get back to a point where music can be fun and doesn’t have to take itself so seriously. Serious does not equal talent.


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