The slow burn

A fascinating back story or colorful mystique this band does not have.  They did catch my attention with their music, which is what really matters. The new album, On the Water, is chocked full of slow burning, winter time perfect songs. Samuel T Herring’s vocals are definitely unique. I am glad that I heard “Where I Found You” before I heard “On the Water” otherwise I may not have taken the time to listen any further. Herring’s vocal style on some songs feels forced so I gravitate toward  the tracks where he takes a more natural approach to his vocals.

“Where I Found You” really missed it’s calling as the song that closes out an 80’s teen movie – Plot summary: boy meets charismatic, unique girl. Boy falls for girl. Short lived yet idealized romance. Girl and boy part. Boy reflects fondly with slow motion flashbacks at end of movie. This is a compliment by the way. I picture it like the perfect song to my imagined favorite movie.  

“The Great Fire” is another stand out and this is where the twin songs theme comes into play. It took me a second to figure out what song it was that this reminded me of but then it hit me, “Don’t Give Up” Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Gabriel and Bush set up the formula for this one and theFutureIslandswere very successful in creating a deep, dark and yet somehow hopeful duet. Listen to both and enjoy the similar frame work and the special touches each brings to the turntable.


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