It so happens that things align

The opening track, to this masterpiece of a Sloan album, Between the Bridges,  has been calling to me for a few days now, running in my head even though I haven’t heard it months. I gave in this morning, started at the begining with “The N.S.” and let it play through. It is hard, if not impossible, to turn it off once the first note of “The N.S.” starts since it flows so seamlessly from one song to he next. Each progression is an even more perfect pop work of art. After hearing this album countless times, I still can’t decide if it is the harmonies, the pure power pop sensibilities, the straightforward rock or the genius songwriting that makes me love Sloan, and in particular, this album more. I suppose it is all things combined.
“Sensory Deprivation” commands large speakers. The movement of the song gives a real sense of getting dropped off a cliff and landing in a pool of rock n’ roll. While the softer songs on the album like, “Don’t You Believe A Word” have quite a different impact. This one has always given me the same happy, Friday night feeling, as “Steppin’ Out” by Joe Jackson. When I hear either of these songs, I am ready to get all dolled up and hit the town for cocktails with my baby. But more remarkable than any individual song is the rock tapestry built by the meshing of the songs. Much like Side B of Abbey Road, moving from one song to another is part of the journey created by the album and separating them, takes away from the individual songs. They are a set that should not be sold separately.
This album will long stand out in my collection and despite it’s 1999 release date, it still maintains a timeless quality.
Album best when: Best in the fall/winter seasons and as a whole album. Not intended for single songs within playlists.
1. The NS
2. So Beyond Me
3. Don’t You Believe A Word
4. Friendship
5. Sensory Deprivation
6. All By Ourselves
7. A Long Time Coming
8. Waiting For Slow Songs
9. Losing California
10. The Marquee And The Moon
11. Take God Care Of The Poor Boy
12. Delivering Maybes

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