My guns they wait to be stuck by

I have come up for air from my Big Star deep dive with a renewed appreciation for the songs I have held so near and dear for years.
When I found out that Alex Chilton passed, I looked at my ticket confirmation on the fridge for the Big Star reunion show at the Levitt Shell and knew that my dream of finally seeing Big Star with Chilton live would never come to fruition. They still had the show of course but it became a tribute show instead… an amazing show but not what anyone expected or wanted. Now, his songs hold an even more idealized quality for me.
In the spirit of one of the songs that is of course on the list, this list will be my top thirteen favorite Big Star songs.
  1. Way Out West
  2. Mod Lang
  3. Ballad of El Goodo
  4. When My Baby’s Beside Me
  5. Thank You Friends
  6. She’s a Mover
  7. Femme Fetale
  8. My Life is Right
  9. Motel Blues (I know it is not technically a Big Star song but the version on the live album is too amazing to not include on my list)
  10. Kangaroo
  11. O My Soul
  12. Thirteen
Yes, there are some classics that are not on the list but isn’t ti all about personal preference? “September Girls” is a great song but “St. 100/6” was the first song I ever heard by Big Star and it blew me away and basically changed my musical direction for life, so that has to be on there. No “Back of Car” either but how could I leave off “Mod Lang” with Chilton howling in the midst of this perfect rock gem? Hopefully, this will inspire you to go back and listen to some Big Star your yourself.  
They are certainly icons for a reason and the fact that they are from the place I call home and that there is always the chance of running into Jody Stephens at Wild Oats is just icing on the cake.

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