Ode to Ringo

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like a certain aspect of your life has come full circle? I am currently living that feeling and it all begins with my most embarrassing moment. Step into the way back machine with me for a moment if you will…

My Beatles obsession began early in life which is why when I had the opportunity to be Ringo in a lip-synching foursome in the fifth grade talent show, I went for it. I got to work on my outfit and drums. My outfit was a turtleneck and pants with my hair in a ponytail tucked into the turtleneck to give the appearance of a mop top. The cardboard drum set was brought to life with a little black paper, white paint and aluminum foil for the cymbals. It was all held together by tape, glue and a cardboard piece that fit snugly over my knees as an anchor of sorts.

The day came for the talent show and as we stood stage-side, , it became clear that the chair I would be sitting in was much higher than the chair I used to build out the set and therefore the anchor piece would not fit over my knees. With no time for modifications and no other chairs available, we took the stage. “A Hard Days Night” began playing and we all gave our best Beatle impressions. It did not take long until my drum set gave way and fell forward, flat onto the stage. The crowd of students, teachers and parents exploded with laughter and I did the only thing I could, I picked up the drums and kept going. When they fell over the second time I picked them up again but really just wanted to run off stage and die. The only conciliation to the story; my best friend of many years who I didn’t know then was in the audience that day and specifically remembers not laughing because she felt so bad for me which means there was one person who didn’t laugh.

I know that a lot of people have worse “embarrassing moment” stories but this moment has always stuck with me. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when my husband gave me the drum set I had been begging for that I had my full circle moment. Sitting behind my real, Pearl drum kit with not a lick of cardboard, feels like home and so new all at the same time. If only I had understood the real message of my embarrassing moment sooner – get a real drum set.

So now, I sit upon my throne, slip on the headphones and play along to Beatles tunes and learn from the greatest and yet most under-rated rock drummer, Mr. Ringo Starr.

Peace and love.


One response to “Ode to Ringo

  1. Ringo is definitely underrated! He isn’t a flashy drummer, and he’s not very technical, so drummers don’t tend to like him much… but he’s creative and original. When you listen to a Beatles song you can’t help but thinking that no other drummer alive would have thought up the parts that he plays. That little tom fill in the last verse of “Let It Be” – who else would have done that? No one. Ringo is in a class by himself.

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