Robots and the bands that love them

This is one of those songs that I missed in 2011 and only discovered on J’s Indie Rock Mayhem Best Albums of 2011 show. Birds of Avalon hails from North Carolina and this song in particular has an organically Zepplin-ish quality that I love. I keep coming back to it. Hope you do the same. When I was checking out the band info I found something that made me like them even more. The title of their previous album, Uncanny Valley, “comes from a theory which was introduced by Japanese roboticist, Masahiro Mori, in 1970 to describe the phenomena by which human beings become more unsettled by robots or other human facsimiles in direct proportion to how lifelike they appear” according to Wikipedia. It conjures images of a movie that may or may not exist – psychedelic 70’s “modern” look at the future filled with robots that turn on humans…kind of like the band’s sound – modern with hints of 70’s psychedelic rock.


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