Test your headphones

I am currently awaiting the arrival of my new pair of headphones – Yippie! No, they aren’t super high tech, high priced, headphones like the new Dr. Dre headphones but I think they will do the trick for a while until I inevitably wear them out. To ensure that they meet some minimal sound requirements, I wanted a special headphone testing playlist ready to rock as soon as they landed in my mailbox.  

Just in case you find yourself in the same situation or you just really want to melt into your favorite pair, here is the list I will use to test the new pair. There is some variety genre-wise but there are some common themes: Stereo aspects to the recording, layers and layers of  harmonies, acoustic instruments (12 string guitars especially) and that certain je ne sais quoi that some songs have that just make them jump out of headphones more so than others.   

Complete Albums

  • The Beatles – Abbey Road
  • Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
  • Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf


  • Baby’s On Fire   Brian Eno Big Sky   Hotrats
  • Black Water   The Doobie Brothers 
  • Carry On   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 
  • Circuital  My Morning Jacket 
  • Down By the River  Neil Young With Crazy Horse 
  • Dreams   Fleetwood Mac 
  • Get Real Paid  Beck 
  • God Killed The Queen  Louis XIV 
  • Godless   The Dandy Warhols 
  • I Want to Break Free  Queen 
  • Iamundernodisguise   School Of Seven Bells 
  • The Last High  The Dandy Warhols 
  • Old Enough   The Raconteurs 
  • Phenomena   Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves   Dada
  • The Rain Song   Led Zeppelin 
  • Shuffle Your Feet   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 
  • Surf’s Up   The Beach Boys 
  • Take A Bow   Muse 
  • Turn to Stone   Electric Light Orchestra
  • West End Girls   Pet Shop Boys 
  • The World Was Made For Men  The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger 

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