SXSW 2012: Be careful what you wish for

The past few days I have been wishing that inspiration for something to write about would come along. Maybe a new song would make my ears perk up or even an old band I love would pop up in the world at large, but luck has not been on my side. So, I started thinking about what was coming up in music and where I might be able to find some new bands I haven’t heard. The answer was so obvious that it felt more like an anvil landing on me than the answer to a wish… sxsw.

Don’t get me wrong, I will not be attending.  I have never been the one to travel specifically for festivals or mass gathering like this. Waiting in long lines for overpriced everything is not even close to my idea of fun. Instead, I am going to attempt to create my own little virtual sxsw by listening to ALL of the bands that have been invited to perform.

My plan is this – listen to a minimum of one full song by each of the 500 bands listed below (A to Zed) before March 13th (when the music portion of sxsw begins). Naturally, I will keep the blog updated with the standouts.

Let’s do the math…

500 bands / 35 days to go = 14 bands a day.

Oh boy, I guess I should be more careful about what Iwish for.

1,2,3 (Pittsburgh PA)
120 Days (Oslo NORWAY)
22 (London UK-ENGLAND)
2Face (Lagos NIGERIA)
3 Dudes & a Mullet (Mexico City MEXICO)
A Classic Education (Bologna ITALY)
A.Dd+ (Dallas TX)
Agent Fresco (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Alabama Shakes (Athens AL)
Alberta Cross (Los Angeles CA)
Alice Russell (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
All The Young (Stoke-On-Trent ENGLAND)
Allah-Las (Los Angeles CA)
ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) (San Francisco CA)
Alpha Rev (Austin TX)
Ambition (Halifax CANADA)
Amoral (Helsinki FINLAND)
Amplified Heat (Austin TX)
Anamanaguchi (Brooklyn NY)
Ancestors (Los Angeles CA)
Ancestros (Cali COLOMBIA)
Ancient Astronauts (Cologne GERMANY)
Andrea Balency Trio (Mexico City MEXICO)
Andy McKee (Topeka KS)
Anna Ihlis (Leksand SWEDEN)
ANR (Miami FL)
Antoine Reverb (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Anya Marina (Portland OR)
Arborea (Lewiston ME)
Ariane Moffatt (Montreal CANADA)
Arkells (Hamilton CANADA)
Arthur Beatrice (London UK-ENGLAND)
Asking Alexandria (York UK-ENGLAND)
Atash (Austin TX)
Atlantic/Pacific (Brooklyn NY)
Attwenger (Vienna AUSTRIA)
Audrey Horne (Bergen NORWAY)
Authorities (Vancouver CANADA)
Automelodi (Montreal CANADA)
Avalanche City (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Bad Weather California (Denver CO)
Balkan Beat Box (Brooklyn NY/Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Balthazar (Gent BELGIUM)
Bare Wires (Oakland CA)
Beach Fossils (Brooklyn NY)
BeatauCue (Caen FRANCE)
Belligerence (Portsmouth UK-ENGLAND)
Ben Howard (Devon UK-ENGLAND)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich ( UK-ENGLAND)
Bestial Mouths (Los Angeles CA)
Bez (Lagos NIGERIA)
Big Deal (London UK-ENGLAND)
Big Scary (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Billy Harvey (Los Angeles CA)
Bitches (London UK-ENGLAND)
Black & Gypsy / Raimundo Y Diego Amador (Chucena SPAIN)
Black Books (Austin TX)
Bleached (Los Angeles CA)
Bliss N Eso (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Blitz the Ambassador (Brooklyn NY)
Blitzen Trapper (Portland OR)
Blood Orange (New York NY)
Blouse (Portland OR)
Blunt Fang (Atlanta GA)
BoDeans (Milwaukee WI)
Bonaparte (Berlin GERMANY)
Bonfire Nights (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Bos Angeles (Bournemouth UK-ENGLAND)
Breton (London UK-ENGLAND)
Brite Futures (Seattle WA)
Brother & Bones (London UK-ENGLAND)
Built to Spill (Boise ID)
Busby Marou (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Cairo Knife Fight (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
Candy (Mexico City MEXICO)
Canteca de Macao (Madrid SPAIN)
Capsula (Bilbao SPAIN)
Carolyn Wonderland (Austin TX)
Cashier No.9 (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
Chapter 24 (London UK-ENGLAND)
Charlene Soraia (London UK-ENGLAND)
Charlie Mars (Oxford MS)
Charlie Simpson (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cheap Girls (Lansing MI)
Cheif Boima (Brooklyn NY)
Chelsea Wolfe (Los Angeles CA)
Cheny Wa Gune Quarteto (Maputo MOZAMBIQUE)
Chicha Libre (Brooklyn NY)
Choir of Young Believers (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Chokeules (Toronto CANADA)
Chrissy Murderbot (Chicago IL)
Circuit Des Yeux (Layfayette IN)
Class Actress (Brooklyn NY)
Clock Opera (London UK-ENGLAND)
Cloud Nothings (Cleveland OH)
Clubfeet (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Com Truise (Princeton NJ)
Copacabana Club (Curitiba BRAZIL)
Cory Branan (Nashville TN)
Cosmo Jarvis (Plymouth UK-ENGLAND)
Cosmonauts (Fullerton CA)
Cotton Jones (Cumberland MD)
Cousins (Halifax CANADA)
Craft Spells (Seattle WA)
Crazy P (London UK-ENGLAND)
Creamers (Austin TX)
Creature (Montreal CANADA)
Cuba Cuba (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Cuff the Duke (Toronto CANADA)
Da C.O.D. (Austin TX)
Dama do Bling (Maputo MOZAMBIQUE)
Dan Mangan (Vancouver CANADA)
Danny Malone (Austin TX)
Dash Rip Rock (New Orleans LA)
Daughter (London UK-ENGLAND)
David Mayfield Parade (Nashville TN)
Dead Black Hearts (Austin TX)
Dead Letter Circus (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Dela Botri & Hewale Sounds (Accra GHANA)
Delay Trees (Helsinki FINLAND)
Delhi 2 Dublin (Vancouver CANADA)
Delta Spirit (Long Beach CA)
Dent May (Oxford MS)
DevilDriver (Los Angeles CA)
Dikes of Holland (Austin TX)
Diplomats of Solid Sound (Iowa City IA)
Dirty Karma (Mexico City MEXICO)
DIVE (Brooklyn NY)
DJ Dus aka El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (San Antonio TX)
Dope D.O.D. (Groningen THE NETHERLANDS)
Dorian (Barcelona SPAIN)
Dry the River (London UK-ENGLAND)
Duck Fight Goose (Shanghai CHINA)
Duran (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Dutch Uncles (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Dying Fetus (Baltimore MD)
Ear Pwr (Asheville NC)
Early Graves (San Francisco CA)
Edison Chair (Austin TX)
Electric Eel Shock (Tokyo JAPAN)
Electric Empire (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Electric Guest (Los Angeles CA)
Electric Jellyfish (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Electric Wire Hustle (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
Elephant Stone (Montreal CANADA)
Elias Haslanger (Austin TX)
Emma Louise (Toowong AUSTRALIA)
Extra Action Marching Band (Oakland CA)
Extrawelt (Hamburg GERMANY)
Fallulah (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Fanzine (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fat Tony (Houston TX)
Father John Misty (Los Angeles CA)
FEAR (Los Angeles CA)
Films of Colour (London UK-ENGLAND)
Finn Riggins (Boise ID)
Frank (Just Frank) (Queens NY)
Frank Smith (Austin TX)
Free Blood (Brooklyn NY)
French Films (Helsinki FINLAND)
Gabriel Santiago Quintet (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL)
Ganglians (Sacramento CA)
Gappy Ranks (London UK-ENGLAND)
Garland Jeffreys (New York NY)
Gary Lucas Plays Coffin Joe’s “This Night I WILL Possess Your Corpse” (New York NY)
Gemma Ray (London UK-ENGLAND)
Gliss (Los Angeles CA)
Go Back To The Zoo (Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Gold Fields (Mitchell Park AUSTRALIA)
Gold Motel (Chicago IL)
Gospel Music (Jacksonville FL)
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (Waitsfield VT)
Grace Woodroofe (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Grave Babies (Seattle WA)
Great Lake Swimmers (Toronto CANADA)
Grimes (Montreal CANADA)
Gross Magic (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Guadalupe Plata (Andalusia-Ubeda SPAIN)
Guy Forsyth (Austin TX)
Half Moon Run (Montreal CANADA)
Harouki Zombi (Athens NE)
Hatcham Social (London UK-ENGLAND)
Heartless Bastards (Cincinnati OH)
Hellogoodbye (Long Beach CA)
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (Los Angeles CA)
Hillfolk Noir (Boise ID)
Hollie Cook (Londres ENGLAND)
Horse Feathers (Portland OR)
Hospitality (Brooklyn NY)
Housse De Racket (Paris FRANCE)
Howler (Minneapolis MN)
Hull (Brooklyn NY)
Hunters (Brooklyn NY)
I am Oak (Utrecht THE NETHERLANDS)
I Got You On Tape (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Ice Choir (Brooklyn NY)
Idiot Glee (Lexington KY)
Idle Warship (Brooklyn NY)
il abanico (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Imaginary Cities (Winnipeg CANADA)
Imperial Teen (Los Angeles CA)
Inch Chua (Singapore SINGAPORE)
Institutional Prostitution (Montreal CANADA)
J Roddy Walston And The Business (Baltimore MD)
J.R. Patton (Dallas TX)
Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang (Brooklyn NY)
Japanese Gum (Genova ITALY)
Jef Barbara (Montreal CANADA)
Jennifer O’Connor (Brooklyn NY)
JENNY O. (Los Angeles CA)
Joe Purdy (Los Angeles CA)
Joe Volume (San Jeronimo Lidice MEXICO)
Jonny Corndawg (Brooklyn NY)
Jonquil (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Jonti (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Jordan Cook (Saskatoon CANADA)
Jovanotti (Cortona ITALY)
Juan Cirerol (Mexicali MEXICO)
Junius (Boston MA)
Just A Band (Nairobi KENYA)
Kao=S (Kamirenjaku JAPAN)
Kenny Ken (London UK-ENGLAND)
Kimbra (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Kindest Lines (New Orleans LA)
Kindness (London UK-ENGLAND)
Krista Muir (Montreal CANADA)
L.A. (Palma De Mallorca SPAIN)
L.E.$ (New Orleans TX)
La-33 (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Lady Leshurr (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lagitagida (Tokyo JAPAN)
Laki Mera (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Lanie Lane (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Larkin Poe (Atlanta GA)
League of Extraordinary G’z (Austin TX)
Lecrae (Atlanta GA)
Led Er Est (New York NY)
Led Er Est (New York NY)
Lee Fields & The Expressions (Brooklyn NY)
Leif Vollebekk (Montreal CANADA)
Letting Up Despite Great Faults (Los Angeles CA)
Library Voices (Regina CANADA)
Lights (Toronto CANADA)
Li’l Cap’n Travis (Austin TX)
Lila Downs (Oaxaca MEXICO)
Lilly Wood and the Prick (Paris FRANCE)
LIRA (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Lisa O’ Neill (Dublin IRELAND)
Lissy Trullie (New York NY)
Little Hurricane (San Diego CA)
Lonsdale Boys Club (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lost Lander (Portland OR)
Love Inks (Austin TX)
Lucero (Memphis TN)
M.A.K.U SoundSystem (Jackson Heights NY)
Magnetix (Bordeaux FRANCE)
Mahogany (Chicago IL)
Marcus Foster (London UK-ENGLAND)
Marianne Dissard (Tucson AZ)
Marit Larsen (Oslo NORWAY)
Marmalakes (Austin TX)
Matthew Perryman Jones (Nashville TN)
Maxim Ludwig & The Santa Fe Seven (Silverlake CA)
Maya Azucena (Brooklyn NY)
MC Lars (Carmel Vally CA)
Metric (Toronto CANADA)
Micah P. Hinson (Abilene TX)
Michael Beach (San Francisco CA)
Michael Guy Bowman (Los Angeles CA)
Michael Kiwanuka (London UK-ENGLAND)
Miles Zuniga (Austin TX)
Milow (Leuven BELGIUM)
Mind Spiders (Forth Worth TX)
Miracles of Modern Science (Brooklyn NY)
Molly Rankin (Charlottetown PE)
Monsieur Perine (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Mord Fustang (Tallinn ESTONIA)
Mother Falcon (Austin TX)
Motopony (Seattle WA)
Mr. Bleat (Medellin COLOMBIA)
Mujeres (Barcelona SPAIN)
Munchi (Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS)
Musikanto (Chicago IL)
My Education (Austin TX)
My Jerusalem (Austin TX)
Naeto C (Lagos NIGERIA)
Nathaniel Rateliff (Denver CO)
Natives (Louisville KY)
Natty (London UK-ENGLAND)
Neon Trees (Provo UT)
New Cassettes (Northampton UK-ENGLAND)
New Look (Hamilton CANADA)
Nguzunguzu (Los Angeles CA)
Nick Jaina (Portland OR)
Night Beats (Seattle WA)
Niki & The Dove (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children (Nuuk GREENLAND)
Not In The Face!! (Austin TX)
Nü Sensae (Vancouver CANADA)
Of Monsters and Men (Reykjavík ICELAND)
Oh Land (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Oh Mercy (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Oh My Me (Lexington KY)
PAPA (Los Angeles CA)
Parlovr (Montreal CANADA)
Pat Todd and The Rankoutsiders (Los Angeles CA)
Patrick Sweany (Nashville TN)
Paul Woolford (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Paula & Karol (Warsaw POLAND)
Peter Bradley Adams (Brooklyn NY)
Peter Case & Paul Collins (New York NY)
Peter Gregson (London UK-ENGLAND)
Peter Rosenberg (New York NY)
Pets With Pets (Carlton North AUSTRALIA)
Pillowfight (Dan the Automator) (South San Francisco CA)
Pinkunoizu (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Pinky Piglets (Toquiwa) (Tokyo JAPAN)
Planes (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Polarsets (Newcastle UK-ENGLAND)
Polica (Minneapolis MN)
Popstrangers (Auckland NEW ZEALAND)
Pow Wows (Toronto CANADA)
Prince Rama (Brooklyn NY)
Prizehog (San Francisco CA)
Protoje (Santa Cruz JAMAICA)
Psychic Ills (New York NY)
PUJOL (Nashville TN)
Pure Love (Brooklyn NY)
Purple Pilgrims (Christchurch NEW ZEALAND)
Quantic (Cali COLOMBIA)
Quiet Company (Austin TX)
Rachael Sage & The Sequins (New York NY)
Radiation City (Portland OR)
Reptile Youth (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Res (Philadelphia PA)
Ringo Deathstarr (Austin TX)
Roach Gigz (San Francisco CA)
ROGe (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL)
Rosie and Me (Curitiba BRAZIL)
Royal Canoe (Winnipeg CANADA)
Sarah Jaffe (Denton TX)
Sauti Sol (Nairobi KENYA)
Say Hi (Seattle WA)
Scale The Summit (Houston TX)
Scars On 45 (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Schmillion (Austin TX)
Scoundrels (London UK-ENGLAND)
Screaming Females (New Brunswick NJ)
Serenades (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Shandy Mandies (Leipzig GERMANY)
Shiny Toy Guns (Shawnee OK)
Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton CANADA)
Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds (Brooklyn NY)
Skewby (Memphis TN)
Skindred (Newport UK-WALES)
Skinny Lister (London UK-ENGLAND)
Soft Metals (Los Angeles CA)
Soft Swells (Los Angeles CA)
Solander (Malmö SWEDEN)
Some Community (Sao Paulo BRAZIL)
Something Fierce (Houston TX)
Son of Jack (Porthcawl UK-WALES)
Sonic Avenues (Montreal CANADA)
Sore (Jakarta INDONESIA)
Sore Losers (Lancaster TX)
Sorie Kondi (Freetown SIERRA LEONE )
Soul Khan (Brooklyn NY)
Sparkadia (Annandale AUSTRALIA)
SPEAK (Austin TX)
Spectrals (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Spirits of the Dead (Oslo NORWAY)
Spoek Mathambo (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Spycatcher (London UK-ENGLAND)
Squarehead (Dublin IRELAND)
Stars (Montreal CANADA)
Stereo Is A Lie (Austin TX)
Steve Poltz (San Diego CA)
Strange Boys (Austin TX)
Suckers (Brooklyn NY)
Sudakaya (Quito ECUADOR)
Sulk (London UK-ENGLAND)
Sumsun (Palm Beach FL)
Sylvie Lewis (London UK-ENGLAND)
T. Mills (Los Angeles CA)
Taken by Cars (Quezon City PHILIPPINES)
Talib Kweli (Brooklyn NY)
Talking To Turtles (Leipzig GERMANY)
Tall Ships (Falmouth UK-ENGLAND)
Tammar (Bloomington IN)
Tashaki Miyaki (Los Angeles CA)
Tea Leaf Green (San Francisco CA)
Team Me (Elverum NORWAY)
Tearist (Los Angeles CA)
Teengirl Fantasy (New York NY)
Telebit (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Telephunken (Madrid SPAIN)
Terakaft (Murs Erigne FRANCE)
Tesla Boy (Moscow RUSSIA)
The Abramson Singers (Vancouver BC)
The Apache Relay (Nashville TN)
The Art (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
The Big Pink (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Big Sleep (Brooklyn NY)
The Black and White Years (Austin TX)
The Black Belles (Nashville TN)
The Black Ryder (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
The Bombettes (Umea SWEDEN)
The Brute Chorus (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Calm Blue Sea (Austin TX)
The Coathangers (Atlanta GA)
The Copper Gamins (Zinacantepec MEXICO)
The Curious Mystery (Seattle WA)
The Dandies (Hochdorf SWITZERLAND)
The Defiled (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Ettes (Nashville TN)
The Evaporators (Vancouver CANADA)
The Extremities (Toronto CANADA)
The Foreign Resort (Copenhagen DENMARK)
The Fray (Denver CO)
The Golden Awesome (Wellington NEW ZEALAND)
The Good Natured (Newbury UK-ENGLAND)
THE GRANNIES (San Francisco CA)
The Higher State (Sandgate UK-ENGLAND)
The Interbeing (Copenhagen DENMARK)
The Last Skeptik (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Lions Rampant (Cincinnati OH)
The Magnetic Fields (New York NY)
The Men (New York City NY)
The Parlotones (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
The Rasites (London UK-WALES)
The Record Summer (New York NY)
The Riff Raff (London ENGLAND)
The Ripe (Austin TX)
The Scoundrels (Las Vegas NV)
The Seedy Seeds (Cincinnati OH)
The Spinto Band (Wilmington DE)
The Staves (London UK-ENGLAND)
The Vasco Era (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
The Violet May (Sheffield ENGLAND)
The War On Drugs (Philadelphia PA)
The Wedding Present (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
The White Eyes (Taipei City TAIWAN)
The Young (Austin TX)
The Zoltars (Austin TX)
Thee Oh Sees (San Francisco CA)
Therapy? (North East ENGLAND)
This Will Destroy You (San Marcos TX)
Thomas Dolby (Suffolk UK-ENGLAND)
Three Blind Wolves (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
Tilly and the Wall (Omaha NE)
Timbuktu (Toronto ON)
Torreblanca (Mexico City MEXICO)
Treetop Flyers (London ENGLAND)
Trust (Toronto CANADA)
Truth Universal (New Orleans LA)
Tumi And The Volume (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Turbina (Mexico City MEXICO)
Turbo Fruits (Nashville TN)
Turbogeist (London UK-ENGLAND)
Two Cow Garage (Columbus OH)
U.S. Girls (Chicago IL)
Ume (Austin TX)
Uncle Bad Touch (Montreal CANADA)
Uncle Lucius (Austin TX)
V for Volume (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Valient Thorr (Raleigh NC)
Väljasõit Rohelisse (Tallinn ESTONIA)
Vampillia (Tenjinmachi JAPAN)
Vetusta Morla (Madrid SPAIN)
VHS or Beta (Brooklyn NY)
Vockah Redu (New Orleans LA)
Voltaire Twins (Perth AUSTRALIA )
WAX (Dunkirk MD)
We Are The Ocean (London UK-ENGLAND)
We Barbarians (Brooklyn NY)
Wet Hair (Iowa City IA)
Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver CO)
Wheeler Brothers (Austin TX)
Whitehorse (Hamilton CANADA)
Witchburn (Seattle WA)
Workout (Brooklyn NY)
Wussy (Cincinnati OH)
Xoel López (A Coruña SPAIN)
Xxxy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Yip Deceiver (Athens GA)
You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown (Lisbon PORTUGAL)
Young Galaxy (Montreal CANADA)
Young Magic (Brooklyn NY)
Yukon Blonde (Vancouver CANADA)
Yuksek(Paris FRANCE)
Zeus (Toronto CANADA)
Zorch (Austin, TX)
Zulu Winter (London UK-ENGLAND)

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