SXSW 2012: Further down into the SXSW deep dive

After Balthazar, the B’s hold a veritable plethora of softer, melancholy, pensive, acoustic artists which is not naturally what I gravitate toward. If  this floats your proverbial boat, I recommend clicking through the B’s on the list.

 One artist that wins the prize for the most unusual website is Billy Harvey from L.A., – also worth the click to check it out.
In the C’s –
  • Capsula – is straight up good solid rock and roll
  • Cashier No 9 – it kind of feels like they are taking the traditional 90’s britpop somewhere a bit different. Check out “On Pity” and “Goldstar” and beyond of course. I know I will.
  • Class Actress – I had heard them already but I was glad to get the chance to hear more than “Weekend”. This is perfect for a Friday night out with the girls, fun but not cheesy.

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