Mr. Jones, you will be missed

One of my beloved front men whom I adored from a young age, Davy Jones, passed away on Wednesday February 29th.

My love for The Monkees began when I was six years old and Nickelodeon began playing The Monkees reruns. My obsession with the band culminated with my first concert by request (the first was the Beach Boys but I was just along for the ride). The Monkees were supported by Gary Puckett and The Union Gap, Herman’s Hermit’s and the Grass Roots. This line up is not exactly what a kindergartener would normally be excited to see but the Monkees had a way of transcending generations through catchy pop songs presented in a show filled with slapstick comedy and a Technicolor treatment.

 The songs hold up and my iPod holds a great collection of my favorite Monkees songs. Although the media and public at large do not often give them the credit they deserve, they were a great band. Here are a few more clips that make it hard to deny that.


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