So much to do, so little time

Memphis really comes out of hibernation in the Spring and here are just a few of the music options on the horizon.

Levitt Shell

The Shell is a great place to see live music for so many reasons. The Shell is one of the few “band shells’” built in the 30’s under the WPA program that is still standing. Some also claim the Elvis and Whitman concert on July 30, 1954 at the Shell was the first ever rock and roll show (I am willing to throw my hat in their ring for this claim if only because July 30 is my birthday). Since that first rock show the Shell has been the site of many more musical and arts events, come close to being paved over for parking space, was saved but still sat dormant and now enjoys a new revived life with a packed schedule. 

Live at the Garden

 Although the concerts at the Garden are a bit on the pricier side, if you have the extra cash, catch at least one of these shows per summer. The “cheap” on the lawn are enjoyable if you bring some chairs, snacks and your preferred beverages but you have to get there early. This is one of those golden circle type venues where the riff raff is kept on the lawn and well behind the posh tables full of people who could care less about the band performing. It is quite painful to see them ignore the musicians that are a few feet away from them as they slosh back their wine in plastic cups. Obviously, this setup taps into one of my deepest beliefs that people, who go to concerts just to be seen, entertain clients or because they can afford it and their friends are going disgust me. But I digress…

Rock n Romp

 For the music lover with kids, Rock n Romp is the perfect option when you want to check out some good local bands without having to pay exorbitant babysitter rates. And who knows maybe your kid will enjoy the music. I have only been to one of these events as a performer and I will say, it is a bit strange to look out into a crowd full of parents and kids (not exactly the crowd I usually see) but they were digging it so it works.

Mud Island

 Too badMudIslandrarely has a concert I want to go see because it is really the best venue inMemphisin my opinion. There is not a bad seat in the house and the backdrop of the MississippiRiverand downtownMemphisis quite scenic.

 For more cool stuff happening around town check out the I Love Memphis Blog


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