Flatten the clover

When nothing new sparks my interest, I rediscover the old. I made a fabulous re-discovery of an album that I had not heard in at least a decade. And this is not just any album, this is a masterwork. XTC’s Skylarking is difficult to describe in the best way possible. It’s like a multi-course meal in which each dish is exquisitely crafted and has its own unique flavor and yet the combined effect of the courses adds up to one beautifully constructed meal.

From the start with “summer’s Cauldron” into”Grass”, Skylarking drops you into some strange and wonderful world where even the insects help build the melody and rhythm (Expect to see this on my forthcoming Spring/Summer playlist). “Not to mention that the cheeky lyrics to “Grass” are some of my favorite lyrics of all time. “Ballet for a Rainy Day” pours right into “1,000 Umbrellas” both lyrically and musically even though the instrumentation and tone are quite different. This album does include XTC’s big hit, “Dear God” which is a moving and emotional charged song, it is not even in my top five favorite songs on the album. I can only hope that the enduring nature of this song will help to bring people back to this album and open their ears to the wider spectrum of XTC’s music.

And just because I adore this song


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