My third eye

  I give this one an 8 on the just invented Stick O’ Meter. How does the Stick O’ Meter work you ask? 1 = a song that no matter how many times you hear it you cannot remember the tune10 = Songs that you frantically rush to turn off because you know that once you hear it, it’s all over and the song is instantly in constant rotation in your head for the next week. There are both bad and good songs at the top of this meter but for the purposes of this blog, a high rating is a good thing since I don’t really waste my time talking about music I don’t like.“Please Be My Third Eye” by La Sera off their second album Sees The Light

Katy (Kickball Katy) who fronts the band, branched off from Vivian Girls to do the solo thing and has brought together a really nice sound. It’s popy. It’s a little punky. It’s rock. I like it.


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