In anticipation of their show at the Hi-Tone this past Tuesday night, I had been listening to the Retribution Gospel Choir EP the revolution non-stop. This four song EP recorded in Duluth, Minnesota at Sacred Heart Recording Studio. Is the tastiest little EP nugget I have heard in a long time. And considering that it is a free download, there is no reason not to check it out.

The studio is a converted church and I am going to take a big guess and say  that this video was filmed there –

Now, we know the EP is a tasty nugget, let’s move on to the pièce de résistance – the live show. RGC puts on a top-notch live show that is certain to make anyone in a band want to practice more. It’s not that they are all over the stage or create some sort of over-the-top persona, it’s the fact that for a group of three (hell, even if they were a group of five) they create a cocoon of perfect rock wavelengths. Alan Sparhawk’s voice along with super rich guitar tones ###. The drummer, Eric Pollard, will melt your face off and then bring it all back with his unexpectedly kick ass harmony vocals. Bassist, Steve Garrington, provides the subtle but strong glue holding it all together.

I will leave you with these parting words. The interviews I read before the show all mentioned their solid albums and the tasty EPs and always move to talking about the live show. I get it. I really liked the EP before I saw them but that show man… I call upon RGC to make a live album. Some bands are like wild animals and are best observed in their natural habitat – the live show.

For a fraction of the live power, check this out

ha.. only kidding, although I am diggin’ the harmonies of course and may have to add this to my iTunes for a beach trip.


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