The Beatle Ballad

What better way to celebrate my 50th post than with a Beatles playlist.
No one does ballads quite like the Beatles. A serenade from a Beatle has a specific quality that is sure to remind you of just how transcendent a ballad can be. When I began this post, I started with a list of 25 ballads and then trimmed it down to twenty.  But in an effort to challenge myself, I present today, my top ten.

Cutting songs from the top twenty, down to ten, feels completely sacrilegious. That is why I had to remind myself that these are my top ten Beatle Ballads purely based on emotional reasoning and has nothing to do with any kind of objective critical review.

1. And I Love Her

2. She’s Leaving Home

3. No Reply

4. Girl

5. In My Life

6. Blackbird

7. Oh! Darling

8. Something

9. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

10. Here, There and Everywhere

I am curious about your top ten. Share it. You might be surprised how challenging it can be to pick your top ten.


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