You had me at horn section

Being a Memphian is sure to spoil any rhythm & blues/soul fan and it can be easy to become skeptical of bands outside of the South touting this soulful sound. But, every so often, bands come out of nowhere or New Jersey in this case, to show us that the high energy fused sound of rock, soul and blues can come from anywhere.

The One & Nines latest 7” is two tracks of vintage steeped rock and soul. The make-up of the band includes the hallmarks of great soul band; a horn section, organ and both male and female vocalists from Jeff Marino and Vera Sousa.

As any band will tell you, the recording process can have a huge impact on your sound. The One & Nines must have taken this to heart. After recording to tape in Jersey, they brought the tapes down to Memphis to mix in Memphis at Electraphonic Recording with Scott Bomar and had the tracks mastered by Larry Nix of Larry Nix Mastering located inside Ardent Studios.

You can check out the two tracks for yourself online but for the true experience, get the tracks on vinyl.


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