Anderson’s movie music magic

Great movie makers understand the power music can bring to a film. The director’s who are most successful at harnessing this power treat the music like a character unto itself. Wes Anderson and Randall Poster, the music supervisor on most ofAnderson’s films, could teach the master class on selecting music for films. You can hear more about their process on the recent NPR Fresh Air with Poster.

How Wes Anderson soundtrack’s his movies on NPR’s Fresh Air

It is doubtful that I need to convince you that Anderson’s films are classics. He creates worlds that are simultaneously alternate-universe like and yet tangible, real and tactile.Music selected for each of these films has a strong hand in molding the movies emotional cinematography, adding unforgettable elements to scenes. It can be hard to imagine some scenes without the music it adds such a charge. For example, check out this clip where someone added in a Radiohead song in place of Nico’s cover of “These Days” to the very famous scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. It’s not that it clashes necessarily but to see the scene with any other song just feels wrong.

Seeing Moonrise Kingdom this past weekend (his latest masterpiece) made me sentimental for all the soundtracks. I was compelled to compile my favorite selections from them all. Pop some popcorn, sit back and let the great movie moments these songs are tied to, play in your mind.

  1. “These Days” by Nico – The Royal Tenenbaums
  2. “Wigwam” by Bob Dylan– The Royal Tenenbaums
  3. “Look At Me” by John LennonThe Royal Tenenbaums
  4. “Lullaby” by Emitt Rhodes– The Royal Tenenbaums
  5. “Judy Is A Punk” by Ramones– The Royal Tenenbaums
  6. “Stephanie Says” by The Velvet Underground– The Royal Tenenbaums
  7. “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, performed by The Mutato Muzika Orchestra– The Royal Tenenbaums
  8. “Nothin’ in the World Can Stop Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl” bu The Kinks – Rushmore
  9. Here Comes My Baby” by Cat StevensRushmore
  10. “Rue St.Vincent” by Yves MontanRushmore
  11. Starman” by Seu JorgeThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  12. Powerman” by The Kinks –  The Darjeeling Limited
  13. “Play with Fire” by the Rolling Stones – The Darjeeling Limited
  14. Life on Mars?” by David Bowie – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  15. Search and Destroy” by The StoogesThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  16. “30 Century Man” by Scott WalkerThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  17. “The Way I Feel Inside” by The ZombiesThe Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  18. Leonard Bernstein & the New York Philharmonic – “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op. 34: Themes A-F” – Moonrise Kingdom
  19. Choir of Downside School, Purley, Emanuel School Wandsworth, Boys’ Choir, London Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Britten – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 2: ‘On the Ground, Sleep Sound’” – Moonrise Kingdom
  20. “Kaw-Liga” by Hank Williams –MoonriseKingdom

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