Modern use for classic rock radio: Number One

With so many listening options available online, on your phone and on and on, classic rock radio is certainly becoming the dinosaur of the music world. But wait, act now and discover new ways to put classic rock radio to use.

 Classic Rock Radio use Number One: The Radio Game

 This game was developed many moons ago when I was but a wee teenager. My best friend and I would ask the radio a question like a magic eight ball. The next song was the answer to the question. An answer in the form of pure rock poetry is much more telling than “signs point to yes”, “outlook not so good” or “reply hazy, try again”. Classic rock offers a plethora of dramatic answers to the questions of life love and heartbreak.

Try it today! Here are the rules before you begin

  1. You cannot hear the DJ announce which artists will be coming up. I am a strong believer that your subconscious will ask questions that can be answered by the songs that are certain to be played by the artist announced.
  2. You must ask and then wait for the next full song to begin. You cannot ask a question and turn on the station to receive your answer. You have to wait until the next song begins.
  3. Request hours are a tricky thing, avoid them. I feel like the requests interfere with the game. It does astound me that people still call in to request songs but we will save that for another post.

Try this today when you exceed your data for the third time and need to you’re your phone a break from streaming. I am certain you will be enlightened or at a minimum mildly entertained.  Let the radio game live on.


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