Keep your friends close and your friends who play sheet music even closer.

Finally the boomerang is making its return trip form the digital explosion and returning to the tangible, the textured…the real. Today, we are in what feels more like a post-digital age where CD sales are slipping, vinyl sales are resurging and now thanks to Beck, (who always finds a way to take it to the next level) sheet music is the latest returning format for releasing music.

Song Reader, a 20 song “album” will be released in December as sheet music only. Musicians are encouraged to record the music and share it online with the world. There have already been a few takers for what has been released of the first song, “Do We? We do.”

These are certainly just the first pebbles of the avalanche we have in store in the coming months. My prediction – along with the inevitable god awful renditions of the songs, will come versions from top artists who adore Beck as much as the rest of us. In a way, Beck basically wrote the music for a new album that will be preformed by an all-star lineup.

So now is the time to start buttering up your friends/family members who can read sheet music so that you can get a first-hand interpretation of the songs and not have to depend on YouTube.

Beck site


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