32 years ago

32 years ago, the world lost a musical genius, John Lennon. I may have only been on the same plane of existence as John for six months of my life but like millions, if not billions of others in this world, I love his music more with each passing day.

I recently heard someone say that citing The Beatles as your favorite band has become generic, almost meaningless, like saying your favorite thing to breathe is air. Part of me gets this. Yes, many music lovers list the fab four at the top of their list and it does not always reflect a context of other great artists. Bu on the other hand, what would the world be without having a favorite band to have like The Beatles? Their music still deserve the reverence it is given decades after the release date. I will never give into the hipster movement that takes that away from them just because they are number 1 on countless favorite band lists. They will always be at the top of mine.


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