The finest 2012 has to offer

It can get a little overwhelming at the end of the year when the world bombards us with their “best of” lists but it can also be a really great way to discover something you may have missed. I know I have been devouring year-end wrap ups from my favorite music sources like the tasty holiday goodies they are.
Without further ado, I present to you my top 25 favorite songs of the year! With the exception of the Ty Segall and Moon Duo songs, you can listen to my playlist on Rdio.
This entire album is a supernova rock explosion that I cannot get enough of but the opening track is the song that puts me over the edge.




Moon Duo – Circles

A perfect pop song with charming lyrics that make me smile.


Upon first listen, i had a hard time wrapping my head around these harmonies but luckily I listened again. Now they send absolute chills up my back. There is a quirky, dark edge that feels very Lynch-like… and I like it.


When I first found this band, I wore the album out! This track is a stand out.


Luckily I heard the band before I heard them described as having worked music influences because I probably would have passed them by. There is a world best hint but it is used sparingly enough to where it just adds some cool flavor without overpowering the songs. The opening 10 seconds of the song have been on repeat in my head for months now.


The second of three Tame Impala related bands on the list, Pond is a little more straight ahead rock with the fuzzy undertones of Tame Impala.


Everything you expect and want from Muse – sexy, over-the-top, endless harmony layers and catchy as catchy can be.


Love School of Seven Bells, love this song.


When I saw a picture of the band, I did not expect to like them… just being honest. I expected your typical Nashville rock songs about whiskey, chicks  and late night bars.  But I was proved wrong and they won me over quickly with this album. I genuinely had a hard time picking which song to include on the list.


Bad Books  –  II

Thank God for the Sinners

Ty Segall – Twins

(this song is not on the Rdio playlist)

Listen to the playlist on Rdio

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