Because it’s not about the bands you don’t like. It’s about the bands you love, the songs that take you somewhere else, the concerts that you remember for the rest of your life or just slipping on some headphones and checking out from the world for a while. I am tired of the critics. I want to talk about all the things I love about music.


2 responses to “About

  1. Nice clip, and a wonderful sentiment to base a blog on.

    Sometimes people are so busy trying to be “critics” (and in the process prove how smart they are)…that they lose the thread of just hearing the music and enjoying it.

    I’ve been to shows that critics would turn their nose up at and I’ve still had a brilliant time. I’ve seen critical “darlings” who were so full of themselves that they bored me silly. I’d rather celebrate the former and forget the latter.

    So, I look forward to reading your blog and hearing more about what you love about music.

  2. Love that philosophy in terms of music reviews. Why talk about what you don’t like? There’s so much great music out there to be spending your time on instead.

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